Michael Bonner

Software and other things I recommend.

I sometimes get asked about the things I use to build software and stay productive. Here’s a list of some of my favorite stuff.

Link MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro - 32GB RAM

This computer is a beast. I've been using it since January 2022 and love it.

Link Apple Studio Display

I prefer to have one high resolution monitor instead of two different monitors. Check out Raycast below for some helpful window snapping stuff.

Link Shure MV7 Microphone

I want people to be able to hear me clearly when making videos and on Zoom calls. This microphone is great for that.

Link AirPods Max

Can't say enough good things about these. If you have Apple stuff they are definitely worth the price.

Development Tools
Link VS Code

I use VS Code for all my development needs. I've tried a few different editors, but I always come back to VS Code.

Link TablePlus

Great software for working with databases.

Link Warp

Like the regular terminal, but looks better and has more features. The AI features are super helpful.

Link oh my zsh

Big fan of the zsh shell. Check out zsh-autosuggestions as well.

Link Fira Code

Nice looking coding font face

Link Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop is invaluable for local development

Productivity Tools
Link 1Password

The best password manager I have used

Link Arc Browser

A great browser for Mac

Link Raycast

Spotlight replacement for Mac with window management, clipboard history, and more

Link Polypane

Test your website in multiple viewports at once. Great for responsive design work.

Link BetterTouchTool

A productivity powerhouse for me. I use it for window snapping, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Link SavvyCal

Makes it super easy to just send a URL to a client and let them pick a meeting time that works for them

Link Notion

Great for keeping things organized; super powerful and configurable